About Ammar Hasayen

Enterprise Cloud Architect | Microsoft MVP

Ammar Hasayen is a trusted technology advisor who specialized in computing and software technology services for over 14 years. He always demonstrates analytic thinking and communication skills combined with his ability to lead virtual teams. This mix gave him the opportunity to become one of the technical leads for the digital transformation project in big enterprises and a key driving force behind adoption of cloud and next generation technologies. 

Shortly after graduation from Electrical Engineering College in 2004, Ammar joined Aramex, the global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions. Ammar and his team helped shaping the modern workplace vision for Aramex for more than 20k employees across 80 countries, to empower employees with the right collaboration tools. 

With the disruption happening all around the world, Ammar helped introducing the right technologies and cloud services to address the company needs to introduce SaaS services like SAP and SuccessFactors, by establishing Single-Sign-On experience and a cloud ready security model. 

He is an adaptable professional with the ability to quickly navigate complex multi-cultural organizations and continuously improve and motivate cross-functional teams to achieve higher productivity, collaboration, revenue gain and cross-group knowledge sharing.Eager to maximize productivity and revenue through new and emerging cloud-enabled technologies.

Ask me about: Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Modern Workplace, SaaS ,Azure Platform, Microsoft 365, Infrastructure as a Service, Cybersecurity, BYOD and Mobility, Identity Management, Enterprise Architecture. 


Community Contributions

Speaker | Community Co-Founder

Ammar is the co-founder for the Jordan Tech Community, an independent community of IT professionals in Jordan with varying levels of experiences from different technologies, background and age. 

He is also a frequent speaker in different events, and the organizer of the Global Azure Boot Camp in Jordan, where he talks about Microsoft cloud computing new innovations. 

Ammar is considered a technology reference and advisor in his community, and a regular speaker in big events. His contributions led to his Microsoft Most Valuable award, as a recognition for his passion to technology and sharing knowledge. 

As a professional technical writer and an excellent documenter, Ammar spares part of his free time to maintain his personal and professional blogs, where he expresses his point of view on new technology trends and innovations.


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