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Cloud Migration Handbook Vol.1

A Practical Guide to Successful Cloud Adoption and Migration

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Worldwide Cloud strategist advisor and migration expert with over 30 years of IT Consulting experience, and having the role of CTO for over 12 years, is a worldwide bestselling author of SAP books and a visionary of Cloud technology. Founded myCloudDoor in 2011, ever since helping enterprises adopting and migrating to Cloud Computing.

Jose A. Hernandez

Founder and Global CTO, myCloudDoor

With a degree in Industrial Engineering specialized and Business Administration and Management, has worked as IT Consultant at NTT Data for several years, where he pushed Cloud technology and services. He joined myCloudDoor in 2016 as Cloud Service Director accompanying organizations in their Cloud Journey and has been performing Cloud Assessment and running Cloud Migration projects worldwide.

Javier Aguado

Cloud Services Director, myCloudDoor.

Leading expert on cybersecurity and cloud computing with over fifteen years of experience working with international enterprises. As a cloud security architect, Ammar helps organizations in their cloud migrations by adopting security best practices across the globe. He regularly writes and consults on variety of technical and security topics and runs

Ammar Hasayen


Cloud Adoption and Migration Guide

This book covers a practical approach for adopting and migrating on premises systems and applications to the Public Cloud. Based on a clear migration master plan, it helps companies and enterprises to be prepared for Cloud computing, what and how to successfully migrate or deploy systems on Cloud, preparing your IT organization with a sound Cloud Governance model, Security in the Cloud and how to reach the benefits of Cloud computing by automation and optimizing your cost and workloads..

What You'll Learn?

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chapter 1

Practical Foundations for Cloud Computing

Defining cloud computing

Not every virtualization is a cloud and your private data center is not always a private cloud. Here you learn the Five Characteristics of cloud computing as defined by NIST.

Cloud delivery models

Here you get introduced to the different cloud delivery models and a deep dive in the shared responsibility in cloud computing.

Reasons and drivers for cloud computing

Discussing hard questions like the “cost for not moving to the cloud”, risks for not doing so, and helping you understand the right time for such move. A must to read chapter.

chapter 2

Types of cloud migration


Rehosting (lift-and-shift), Replatform, Repurchasing, Refactoring, Retire

What applications and systems are not supported in the cloud?

What to do with apps and systems not supported in the cloud?

Cloud adoption scenarios and approach of migration

chapter 3

Cloud Governance

A cloud governance Model for cloud-oriented Organizations

Learn how cloud governance fits in the overall IT governance structure 

IT Governance and IT Service Management (ITSM) in the cloud age

For those organizations that have a sound IT governance in place, transitioning their IT service management (ITSM) should already have a good base for supporting and managing cloud and hybrid services and environments

Service Management and Cost Management

90% of organizations don’t consider extending their service management and cost management to the cloud. Financial accountability in the cloud is a key as discussed in great details in this chapter.

chapter 4

Cloud Reference Architecture (CRA) 

The need for a structure before deploying resources

How are you going to create accounts and subscriptions? what you should consider before doing so? did you consider financial governance, reporting, third-party governance and other factors? Think twice! 

Defining deployment essentials

Planning for naming conversion, Infrastructure as a Code, data sovereignty, identity and access management model (modern authentication) and how to include security and governance as part of the whole plan.

The Virtual Data Center Model (VDC)

Learn how to implement a proven best practices and a reference architecture for any cloud implementation by planning for a bastion Hub that connects to LOB workspaces (spokes) and how to achieve governance at the networking layer and plan an RBAC model that supports agility and security at the same time.

chapter 5

Security in The Cloud

Why and how security is different in the cloud

You learn how security is different in the cloud, and you can’t just lift-and-shift your security practices to the cloud.

Who is responsible for Compliance?

Answering the question of who is responsbile for compliance in cloud computing and what is compliance inheritance which identifies the boundaries of your responsbilties.

Attacks happen in the cloud

Your security team is responsible for security in cloud, but the nature of risk is different (adjacent vulnerability, insider threats, insecure data deletion,..)

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