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Why wearing comfortable shoes when attending big conferences makes all the difference?

Jun 28, 2017 | Microsoft Ignite | 3 comments

Consider comfortable shoes

I want to share with you my thoughts and experience when it comes to attending big conferences like Microsoft Ignite. Now that is Microsoft Ignite is about to come, I want to share with you couple of tips and tricks I learned while I am there.

Microsoft Ignite (previously called Microsoft TechEd) is one of my favorite conferences to attend. You get to meet new people, talk to Microsoft experts, walk through the tech expo, and have a lovely time. My first Microsoft conference was TechEd 2007 in Barcelona, and I attended every TechEd conference since then.

If you are going to attend such extra-ordinary conference, you would carefully plan ahead, and you would avoid anything that would affect your experience there. In this blog post, I will share with you how considering comfortable shoes is a big thing.

Think twice when it comes to comfortable shoes

I have been in a lot of conferences during my professional career, and the most obvious thing when attending such conference is that you need to prepare to walk a lot.

I usually pay attention to all social media channels before attending one of those big conferences, and they all have one common advise “bring comfortable shoes with you“.

You can bring new shoes, but make sure you walk three weeks before the event wearing them, just to make sure you are used to them, and you know, they are not that tight.

The definition of comfortable shoes is not clear to many people, as some people actually think wearing crocks is comfortable. To define what comfortable means, you have to think that it should be comfortable walking wearing them, and not just wearing them, if you know what I mean.

Spending the entire day on your feet does not need to be painful. Consider walking shoes that provide breathability, cushioning, and support. After all, comfortable shoes and entire day walking can prevent injury and keep your feet happy!

So, what actually define a comfortable shoes?

Good shoes are important. Most major athletic brands offer shoes especially designed for walking. Fit and comfort are more important than style; your shoes should feel supportive but not snug or constricting. Look for a padded tongue and heel pad. The uppers should be light, breathable, and flexible, the insole moisture-resistant, and the sole shock-absorbent. The heel wedge should be raised, so the sole at the back of the shoe is two times thicker than at the front. Finally, the toe box should be roomy, even when you’re wearing athletic socks.

Real story in Ignite 2016 Atlanta

My friend of mine came to the conference with normal shoes, and we spent a day before the Ignite 2016 conference walking in the beautiful Atlanta city, and doing sightseeing. He was complaining about his shoes and how with long walks, he cannot continue walking anymore.

I told him that we need to get him comfortable shoes before the event. We went to the mall in Atlanta, and we saw this big shop selling shoes. We walked in, and started to look around. 

Five minutes later, we had someone offering us some help, and he suggested that instead of buying new shoes, we can just buy this amazing insole piece. I tried it at the store, and it was very comfortable and pleasing. It has moisture absorbing fabric to keep your feet dry and comfortable, and air cushioning system for maximum comfort levels. We bought two pieces, one for me, and one for my friend and after coming back home, I really recommend such solution if you do not want to buy new shoes.

The item that we bought is described here. I want to share with you couple of pictures of it just to make it clear to you what it is.

Drink water

Do not forget to always drink water and keep your body hydrated. your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints. Water is needed for overall good health. At Ignite registration, you will get a nice bottle of water, so keep it always with you, and keep drinking water throughout your day.

Also Make sure also to have a quick snack between sessions, to keep your body energetic and healthy during the day.

Here is a photo of the water bottle that we got during the registration of Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta

Track your steps and burn calories

If you have a smart watch or a fitness band, then this is the best place to bring it with you, so that you can track the total number of steps. I have the new Apple Watch 2 this time, and I cannot wait to track my steps count in Ignite 2017.

Other tips

Check out my other blog post talking about how to get latest Microsoft Ignite news and updates, so you won’t miss anything.

I will publish couple of blog posts about Microsoft Ignite tips and tricks, so remember to follow me on twitter, and share this blog post if you like it.

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Husband & Father | Microsoft MVP| I do Office 365 and Azure | Speaker and blogger | I Love music and exploring the world. Microsoft Ignite is one of the biggest Microsoft annual conferences. Microsoft used to have an annual conference called TechEd for developers...

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