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Husband & Father | Microsoft MVP | I do Office 365 and Azure @aramex | Speaker and blogger | I Love music and exploring the world.

About Ammar,


Ammar Hasayen is a trusted technology adviser and entrepreneur who has been in the software industry for over 14 years, with a special focus on the cloud, infrastructure and security solutions.

Shortly after graduating with honors from Electrical Engineering College in 2004, Ammar joined Aramex, an international company, and started his career by building and retaining a motivated, hardworking and high caliber team.

For years, Ammar led this infrastructure team in Aramex and helped manage the global network and connectivity between all Aramex offices, together with building firewall solutions for Aramex data centers around the globe.

PKI & Security

Later, Ammar took the responsibility of adopting and implementing a comprehensive public key infrastructure PKI in Aramex to comply with PCI standards. This allowed Aramex to start to enroll employees with smart cards and multi-factor authentication, and deploy digital signing certificates for non-repudiation purposes.

It was a big year for Aramex when Ammar’s key contribution helped in gaining the PCI certification for Aramex. Ammar guided this process by establishing security baselines and measures across Aramex data centers, to enable Aramex do e-payments and secure credit card transactions.

Consolidation Projects

In 2010, Ammar was the project manager for consolidating the standalone Accpac accounting installations from all Aramex global offices, to four regional data centers, using Microsoft remote desktop farm deployments, and profile management solution.

Two years later, Ammar helped in consolidating Aramex Active Directory child domains into one domain, and enable single sign on across all Aramex applications, using Kerberos authentication and delegation.

Consolidating Aramex email systems from disparate locally hosted servers to the big regional data centers was one of the biggest projects that Ammar led during his work at Aramex. Ammar later led another email consolidation initiative, managing the project to build a big Exchange data center in Dubai, one large enough to serve all of Aramex mailboxes.

Other Projects

Ammar has been at the heart of many advanced initiatives during his work in Aramex. From deploying enterprise voice solutions using Microsoft Skype for Business, managing Windows using System Center Configuration Manager, and monitoring data centers using System Center Operations Manager solutions.

Ammar also was involved in a major enterprise content management project, where he helped Aramex migrating to Microsoft SharePoint, and wrote many workflows to enable key business solutions.

Ammar has some development skills, and he is expert in writing complex PowerShell script and automation tools to better manage repetitive tasks and complex data center automations. 

Cloud focus in 2013

On 2013, Ammar shifted his focus to cloud solutions and platform. Ammar had realized early back then that cloud is the future, and it starts by extending corporate identity to the cloud. Hence, Ammar established the first Azure tenant for Aramex, and established the first Azure Active Directory for Aramex, and facilitated the true single sign on experience for end users.

Ammar started to find business scenarios that only can come to reality by the power of the cloud, and started to build business case scenarios to management, to drive adoption to the cloud, and overcome any security or compliance obstacles  early in this journey to the cloud. 

Identity as a Service

As each journey to the cloud starts with hybrid cloud ready identity, Ammar extended the local identity store in Aramex to Azure Active Directory, and started to synchronize user and computer objects to the cloud.

Later, Ammar established the first Identity Services in Aramex using Microsoft Federation Services, to enable true Single Sign On experience for corporate users.

This enabled Aramex to do integration with SAP, SuccessFactors, Slack, Office 365, and many other SaaS applications.

Office 365 in 2014

Having such cloud identity integration was an enabler for many things to come. Ammar started the initiative of evaluating Office 365 as a cloud collaboration solution for Aramex, that can unlock a lot of employee’s potential. In 2015, a complete email integration and hybrid environment was in place between Aramex data centers and Office 365.

Ammar started the modern workplace initiative in Aramex, to elevate the collaboration experience between Aramex teams, outsourcing teams, and customers.

Ammar led the team that started to migrate over 10,000 mailboxes to Office 365, and enabling many key business scenarios with a clear vision:

“Empowering employees by creating a secure productive workplace to embrace diverse work styles and enable people to get things done anywhere and from any device.”

Cloud Management

With Office 365, Ammar started to implement other frameworks to protect corporate data in stored via Office 365, integrating the complete mobile management solution from Microsoft, Intune, and migrating the on-premise rights management solution to Azure Information Protection.

Ammar also deployed the latest build of System Center Configuration Manager to better manage Windows 10 devices, for remote locations not connected to the corporate domain.

With Azure domain join, Ammar realize that devices can be joined to Azure Active Directory, without the need for domain connectivity, unleashing a lot of business scenarios. 

Cloud Compliance


By 2016, Ammar was part of the team trying to think of data classification, data protection, data loss prevention, and how to protect information when it is hosted in the cloud.

Ammar led the team with a mission to implement both Office 365 data loss prevention, and Azure Information Protection.

As part of Azure Information Protection, data labeling, classification, encryption and tracking is applied to documents stored in Office 365 and on premise, providing a complete comprehensive solution to Aramex, and satisfying legal, security and compliance needs.

SharePoint Online

Ammar was involved in Enterprise Content Management EMS project in Aramex, and he used SharePoint and later SharePoint Online to store and preserve information and corporate content.

Part of the solution, Ammar enabled many business scneraios through SharePoint workflow manager, and by writting complex workflows that are used to governance many mission critical operations in Aramex.


With his deep and growing knowledge of cloud security solutions and on-premise security measures, Ammar has become a defacto in house cyber security consultant for Aramex, helping secure and protect corporate resources and information on premise and on cloud, through an identity driven security approach and cloud multi-factor authentication solutions.

Ammar helped in the corporate digital transformation, and he worked on many business enabler cloud solutions, like password management via Azure Active Directory, dashboards via PowerBI, threat intelligence via Microsoft Operations Manager, and more.


Digital Transformation

Ammar was part of the digital transformation initiative in Aramex. He helped integrating many new systems like SAP, SuccessFactors, and other key applications.

Ammar helped the project management team to adopt Office 365 Project Online, and helped the team migrating all Aramex projects to Project Online.

PowerBI and enterprise gateway deployment is another example of how dashboards are being consumed in Aramex, and especially when evaluating courier performance. Ammar led the initiative to use PowerBI as a cloud reporting tool from Office 365.

Ammar also helped all Aramex couriers to enroll for Exchange Online, and facilitate self-account and password management for all couriers through Azure Active Directory, reducing the cost to manage password reset for Aramex couriers. 

Community Work

Ammar has been sharing his experience through his professional blog since 2007, and his many contributions to Microsoft TechNet Gallery.

Ammar’s passion is helping others reach their goals, during 2016 to facilitate this vision he founded a tech community in Jordan that is run by group of volunteer committee members who share his passion. The goal of the community is to provide training and conduct events for the IT community in Jordan.

Ammar appears regularly at big tech events, like Microsoft Ignite in the United States, where he learns and teaches about the latest technology trends, and participates in many community groups led by Microsoft product groups and MVPs.

When not working, blogging or doing community work, Ammar acts as a cloud consultant to many corporations, helping them navigate their way through the often tricky transition to the cloud.


Who is Ammar?

Ammar is a husband and father. He has been in the software industry for long time.

Ammar likes soccer and listening to music. He likes exploring the world, and when traveling, he likes exploring the historical side of cities around the word.

Ammar appears in many global tech events like Microsoft TechEd and Microsoft Ignite, and always connecting with technical peers in such conferences.


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