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What to pack for Microsoft Ignite

Aug 22, 2017 | Microsoft Ignite

What to pack for Microsoft Ignite

What to pack for Microsoft Ignite is a great blog post to give you the best tips on what to pack, and what not to pack, from years of experience.

Whether it is your first time to attend such big conference, or you have been before, it makes a lot of difference know some time management tips and know how to discover Microsoft Ignite news and updates.

Microsoft Ignite is about connecting and sharing knowledge, whether you are in one of those deep dive sessions, or even connecting with other peers in the Expo showcase and connecting with partners. Wearing comfortable shoes makes all the difference, so do not forget that.

Check out 10 things not to do while at Microsoft Ignite and the Microsoft Ignite Safety tips blog posts.

If you are flying to Microsoft Ignite, then you want to consider what to pack and what not to pack. I want to share my packing tips gathered over years of attending TechEd and Ignite.If you are flying to Microsoft Ignite, then you want to consider what to pack and what not to pack. I want to share my packing tips gathered over years of attending TechEd and Ignite.

On Your Pocket

In your pocket, you usually will have:

  • Credit cards and money.
  • Your mobile phone and headset.
  • Your travel documents.

I also highly recommend that you have photos for all your documents on your OneDrive or something similar, and make sure they are available offline, in case you do not have an internet connection.

Carry-On Bag

Now let us move to your carry-on bag and see what it should look like. This is my important bag, where I usually put my personal belongings like:

Personal Items:

  • Toothbrush.
  • Hand washing solution.
  • Pain killers just in case.
  • Business cards [ you should bring a lot of those]
  • Deodorant.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Gum.


  • My laptop or tablet.
  • Portable power bank and all adaptors.
  • Phone charger.
  • Power adaptor, especially if you are flying from different country. This is important as power plugs are different in the united states.
  • My phone headset, if not already in my pocket.
  • Computer Mouse and a mouse pad. [Mouse pad can be very handy].
  • Portable battery packs [ If your phone battery does not survive the whole day].


Do technology packing before cloths backing, because I always end up forgetting the cable or the adapter or the charger.


Since it is true that your luggage can be lost in airport or any other place, I highly recommend having one change of clothes on your carry-on just in case. This way, you can arrive to the hotel, change your clothes, and start thinking how to address your lost luggage [Note: this happened to me once].


Pack a fleece or light jacket or long-sleeved shirt that you can remove when you go outside. The air conditioning units may be on blast in some of the rooms.

Also, make sure you pack several pairs of socks and underwear, as you will walk a lot in the convention center, and you might need to change often.

You should also pack comfortable shoes in case you are not wearing them already. Check my blog post “Why wearing comfortable shoes when attending big conferences makes all the difference? 

Extra Tips

  • Do not to pack too many clothes. You can get free T-shirts from most vendors and some usually have incentives for wearing their shirt on the Expo Floor. You will not have time to wear all the extra clothes if you bring them but you will have room in your bag to take home all the T-shirts you will get.
  • Bring your cell phone charger(s), portable battery packs and/or power strip. There should be outlets available in sessions in the convention center and in the lounges. If you bring a power strip you can make some new friends as you network in the lounges.
  • Bring /make business cards. For companies that you really want to hear back from, give them a business card.
  • Bring your own Backpack. The conference bags are nice, but thousands of other people will have them as well. If you bring your own, it is less likely to be confused with others. Or marks yours.
  • Dress code is casual. If you want to make a good impression, business casual is good. If you’re into comfort, that’s great too. You’ll pick up new T-shirts, souvenirs, and gadgets at the conference, so pack lightly and leave room in your suitcase for everything you’ll collect at the event. Remember that you might be invited to an evening occasion, so it would be nice to dress up.

Hear from the experts

Here it from the expert “What to Pack for Microsoft Ignite ”

Final Thoughts

I hope you liked this “What to Pack for Microsoft Ignite” article. I cannot wait to meet you all at Microsoft Ignite. I wish you a safe travel and a fun conference experience. You might also check my travel safety tips for extra information about safety.

If you find the information here worth sharing, then please share it. Also, I would like to connect with you on twitter Here is my twitter account.

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