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My Microsoft Ignite 2017 Experience and my HitRefresh Moment

Oct 19, 2017 | Microsoft Ignite, Thoughts in my mind | 0 comments

Attending Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida was one of the best learning experiences in my career and personal life. That moment inside the Auditorium with thousands of IT experts, waiting for Microsoft CEO “Satya Nadella” to give his keynote, was a breathtaking moment indeed.

Microsoft Ignite is not only about learning from the product group about latest technologies and where Microsoft is heading, it is also about connecting with tech peers, hearing their stories, and exchanging experiences.

It was a unique conference for me as Microsoft MVP, since I had the chance to engage more with the Microsoft MVPs at Ignite and build new amazing connections that will last after the conference.

My best part of Ignite is when I am the Microsoft Tech Community space at Ignite, where tech peers come together to connect, socialize, or take a funny picture.

Finally, I left Ignite with a unique book “#HitRefresh” by Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. It was extra-ordinary journey for me to read this book and go through all the touching moments that Satya went through during his early life and career, and how gradually you start feeling how he is transforming the company by setting a clear north star.

What I like most about Satya is how he starts each keynote by emphasizing Microsoft new vision of empowering each person and organization in the planet to achieve more. Simple, yet powerful vision indeed. So powerful that it becomes our own vision at work to empower our customers and companies.

Thank you, Satya, for sharing with us your unique journey, and thank you Microsoft for an amazing Ignite experience.

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